Silicone Mold Release
Silicone Mold Release
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Perfect to prevent the adhesion of spray foam insulation to most surfaces. Can be sprayed on windows, metal surfaces, face masks and more. Spray foam will just wipe right off.

Silicone Mold Release (SMR) is a high quality all purpose blend of silicone parting agents packaged in a convenient aerosol can. SMR has proven effective in the release of cast elastomer, integral skin, high density microcellular and rigid polyurethanes and epoxy castings. Silicone Mold Release has also proven effective with phenolics, melamine/phenolics, vinyl esters, polyesters, polyureas, glass filled polymers and all types of thermoplastics. Silicone Mold Release has exceptional slip and ease of release properties and is most effective in releasing undercuts and vertical cavity walls. Silicone Mold Release gives effective release performance at mold temperatures from 70‐350°F (21‐176°C).